Custom Home with integrated security windows and doors

Oversized security windows with combined A3 and B1 level security.

Custom made lift & slide pocket doors.

A3 &B1 Impact Resistant Building

Creating a barrier that deters intrusion and protects your home. Also ideal for extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornados to protect from flying debris. The DIN standards surpass the Dade county Florida large missile tests.

Mountain Home

Design by Gerry Jones

Design by Gerry Jones

Design by Gerry Jones

Floor to Ceiling

Impact resistant glass walls with incorporated security entrance doors

Transparent Security

High Security Glazing set in Aluminum frames

Elegance & Strength

Swiss Shade

Complementary proportions with high visual appeal

Pocket Doors

Security sliding pocket door with impact resistant glass

Installation Detail

Aluminum Clad Steel and Masonry Structure 

Installation Detail

Structural Steel wall construction, finished with aluminum cladding

Flashing Detail

Fit and Finish

Passage and Picture Window

Impact resistant level A3 sliding pocket door with large windows and custom aluminum trim

Oversized High Security Entry Door

Custom made high security entrance door and custom windows with impact resistant security glass

Oversized High Security Entry Door

Fortress Entry System

Biometric Security

B1 level security door with  motorized lock and biometric finger scanner


Exceptional and unique 50,000 square foot private residence in the foothills of Scottsdale Arizona. Years in the planning this exclusive residence is uniquely mounted atop mountain boulders which act as foundations. Out from the expansive balcony is an exceptional view of an Arizona valley reaching out across the arid desert.  A sincere desire for peace of mind, comfort and security drove the careful planning and selection of a variety of custom window and door options.

Security Glazing

A3 rated glass consists of 4mm glasspane 2mm PVB interlayer connecting it to another 4mm glass (10mm total) an Argon filled insulation space and an inner lowEcoated glass pane (28mm total). Sound insulation value 42dB. Each test panel has to withstand the impact of a 9 pound steel ball dropped from a height of 31.2 feet. This test is repeated 3 times. Suitable for most residential applications