Heroal aluminum frames with ballistic rated glass.

Oversized lift & slide doors, folding doors, tilt & turn/fixed windows.

B1 level Impact Resistant Windows, Sliding Doors, and Custom Skylights

Bullet Resistant Building

Ballistic Resistant Glazing in Insulated Glass Units mounted within Fixed and Operable Windows and Lift and Slide Patio Doors.

Modern Minimalist

Transparent Armour Wall

Fortified Front Entry System

B1 Level – Bullet Resistant Windows and Front Entry System

Custom Bullet Resistant Skylite

Pyramid Steel Frame Skylight

Double Opening Lift and Slide System

Ballistic Resistant Lift & Slide Patio Doors with Transom

Structural Steel Installation

Security Window & Transom integrated into Steel Frame Building Envelope

Steel Frame Skylight

Bullet Resistant Steel Frame Custom Skylight

High Security Windows and Doors in Toronto Canada

This modern custom home in the north end of Toronto required a state of the art security agenda. The rectilinear simplicity belies the sophisticated amenities and technological systems built into the home. For personal comfort reasons and to minimize any stress regarding perimeter breaches or structural penetrations, high security windows and doors were designed and installed on all exterior surfaces of the structure, including the the roof which is appointed with two custom skylights which themselves are ballistic resistant.

Ballistic Resistant Glazing

Bullet resistant glass consists of multiple panes of glass with PVB interlayer sandwiched inbetween. The number of panes of glass depends on the ammunition the glass is rated for. 3 shots are fired at the test panel.