Custom-made Pergola Awnings

Our custom-made Pergola Awnings are the perfect answer for the discriminating home owner as well as for the ambitious restaurateur.

The “Pergola” Awning model is a valuable design element for any structure. It looks great with the awning extended as well as retracted when one can only see the “Pergola” frame. A computer controlled motor combined with sun, rain and wind sensor gives you protection when you need it and protects itself from damage done by unexpected storms.

Pergola awnings can be designed to drop from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane or one can combine a horizontal Pergola with a vertical Sun Screen.

Our custom made Pergola Awnings are the answer to your individual Sun&Shade needs. The sophisticated technology and unobtrusive aesthetics make it a valuable addition to your residential property as well as to your commercial property.

Self installation of our awnings can be undertaken by anyone who is capable of using a drill and following our precise instructions.

Max. Area sq.feet: 1210 sq.feet ! which can provide additional seating for up to 100 guests.

The Miranda and Pergolino awning systems do not need an existing structure.

Stobag Miranda

For coverage of larger areas such as restaurant applications the Miranda system is ideal. Miranda P8000 Pergola Awning is a flexible and extendable weather protection system for private or restaurant use. The integral exterior textile shading and the top board of Miranda P8000 offers complete protection against the sun and an incline of more than 10% also protects against the rain. Depending on the installation width, two or more beams with integrated gas springs are required.

Horizontal Widths: 39 to 669 inches (3’3″ to 55’9″)

Projections: 59 to 264 inches (4’11” to 22′)

Roller Tube: 78mm Slotted extruded Aluminum 6061 T6 alloy mill finish

Mode of operation: Hand crank or Tubular Motor

Hardware Color: White

Stobag Miranda

P3000 Pergola awning is a weather protection system for restaurants and private gardens. P3000 is mounted to the facade with an adjustable wall mounting. This robust, easy-to-install shading system is fitted with two adjustable guide rails and suport posts. When retracted, the front bar tightly closes the elegant box protecting the fabric from weather. High fabric tension is assured by the gas charged stainless steel pulley system that is integrated into the side rails. The forward horizontal beam is anchored to the ground by sturdy vertical columns. a modern Somfy motor with friction brakes, thermal protection and electronic final shut-off are all part of the basic equipment. A waterproof cover is available as an option at additional cost.

Product Coverage: Horizontal widths 84 to 216 inches

Projection: 84 to 192 inches

Roller Tube: 78mm Slotted Extruded Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy mill finish

Mode of operation: Bevel Gear with hand crank or tubular motor

Hardware color: White

TESS 420 Exterior Automated Solar Shading System

The Tess 420 system is designed to be installed on an existing pergola structure.

Tess 420 is a wire guided tension shading system designed for exterior applications on horizontal, sloping or bottom up window and skylights. The system has a single fabric roller tension mechanism enclosed in an extruded aluminum box. The system is supplied with universal mounting brackets suitable for top or back fixing. The Tess 420 system is comprised of a main assembly and pulley system that are independently mounted. Side tracks are incorporated which guide the draw bar allowing for fabric coverage of up to 178 sq. ft.

Product Coverage: Width 48 to 192 inches

Projection: 20 to 240 inches

Mode of operation: tubular motor

Hardware Color: White or Bronze

Tess 100 Interior Automated Solar Shading sytem

The Tess 100 is a versatile cassette-type, pre-tensioned shading system designed for interior applications on skylights ad windows. Constructed of aluminum, stainless-steel, galvanized steel, brass and nylon; the Tess 100 provides reliable service in tough environments. The system is comprised of a main assembly and pulley system that are each mounted independently onto the structure of a building. Provides excellent heat dissipation and cooling.

Product Coverage: Width 48 to 120 inches

Projection: 20 to 240 inches

Mode of operation: tubular motor

Hardware Color: White or Bronze