Question: How to burglar proof windows?


Best Option: Use true high security windows which were designed, manufactured, and installed with the express purpose of defeating attacks on your building. Make sure the glass is impact resistant, the frames are security grade and the hardware is security grade.


Burglar proof your glass to increase the difficulty for a burglar. Window films make glass a little harder to break, but they do nothing to increase the strength of a frame or hardware.


Install window bars. This is the cheapest approach but has a dangerous downside in potentially trapping a person in the house in case of fire.


Burglar Proof Learning

Question:How to Burglar Proof your home, how to make your home burglar proof, how to protect your home from burglary?


Educate your self on the different types of security available and classify them into two different categories.

1. Deterrent

2. Physical Security

These two types of security are often confused. Significant differences exist between them. For example: A camera will not slow down a burglary but high security will.

Develop a ‘whole home’ strategy for burglar proofing. Then execute each aspect in a tactical way. Expand your perception of security from just your own home to encompass your neighbours and your street. It takes a community to have real security.

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Question:How to scare burglars away?


  • Build a local community responsibility for watchfulness and awareness. Burglars hate to be noticed and looked at directly.
  • Make your surveillance system visible, cameras on the wall and stickers and signs around the property.
  • Get a dog with a loud bark.
  • When answering the door to a stranger pretend to be on the phone at the same time. It creates the sense there is a witness.
  • Place some big well used workbooks out side the door.
  • If there is a stranger is persistently knocking not the door and won’t go away. Yell to someone in the house to “Go get my gun” loud enough for the stranger to hear.

Note: these are very brief starter ideas and to not constitute a complete security plan. Consult with professionals.

Top 3 most important things to do to burglar proof your home.

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1. Be confident about your security project, don’t come from a place of fear or worry.
2. Settle to the fact: Real security has two parts. Mental & Physical.
3. Be curious about how security works in its many forms.

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