Glen-wood SpringsColorado

High quality steel reinforced UPVC windows in Forest Green.

Entrance Doors, balcony doors, Tilt & Turn operating windows, fixed windows, Entrance all in A3 Security Level

A3 Level Impact Resistant Windows

Burglar Resistant Glazing in Insulated Glass Units mounted within Fixed and Operable Windows, Entry systems and balcony doors.

Chalet Style

Eyebrow Windows on upper floor

Oversize Patio Door

A3 Level – Full protection against burglar penetration.

Double In-swing French Door

A3 resistant French Doors with multipoint locking and custom divided lite design

Eyebrow 3 Wide

Eyebrow – Triple window with fixed above operators below. 

Custom assembly with Tilt and Turn

Impact resistant triple element. Transom with divided lite.

Tilt & Turn 3 wide

Impact resistant 3 wide. Operators flanking fixed window.

Classic Chalet - Worry free security

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains this warm log chalet expresses traditional alpine practicality while being reinforced with advanced European designed security protection.

Glenwood Springs is a resort town with many visitors moving through. Extra security permits a peace of mind not possible with regular windows and doors which are easy to penetrate.

Tilt and Turn allows for easy tilt operation bringing ventilation, or fully open to allow the outside in. In the Eyebrow Dormer of the roof and on the gable of the high pitched roof are elegant eyebrow windows carrying the the curved theme, a classic in the alps inspired architecture.

All of this beauty and charm a window and door package which sports world class security features.

Burglar Resistant Glazing

Impact resistant windows which exceed the Dade County Florida requirement for large missile test. Ideal for Hurricane and Tornado prone areas. Security level A3 (DIN 52290 T4) 10mm/3/8" UL 972 Security level B1 (DIN 52290 T3) 18mm/3/4" UL 972