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Technical Information For Fauser Security Windows and Doors - Configuration

  • The samples below indicate only the most used configurations.
  • Other configurations and combinations are possible.
  • All opening windows can be ordered with tilt & turn, tilt only or turn only operation.
  • The maximum window sizes are based on regular glazing. Higher security levels decrease size.
  • Security glazing, because of the increasing weight, has to be calculated individually.
  • The turn operation can be designed with left or right opening direction.
  • Transoms can be at the bottom or at the top of the window.
  • Each window or door can be designed with mullions and muntins to your specification.
  • For architectural design elements, please refer to the “Architectural Restoration” page

Architectural Symbols

A window has two parts

A dotted "V" indicates operation of the sash.

The open end of the "V" shows the side of the sash which opens, while the closed end of the "V" indicates the side of the sash which stays connected to the frame usually by a hinge mechanism.

And you are right if you just asked "Doesn't that mean a Tilt & Turn window has two hinges?"


Min. size: w 2' x h 2'
Max. size: w 10' x h 8'

Single Window

Min. size: w 2' x h 2'
Max. size: w 5' x h 5.4'

Double Window

Min. size: w 3' x h 2'
Max. size: w 9' x h 5.4'

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