Historical Restoration

Renovation or New Construction; True to style – even with strictly protected historical monuments European governments strictly enforce the codes and regulations concerning the restoration of historical monuments and other protected buildings. Based on these strict regulations, the Window System MD was developed.

The Fauser window system MD

is a proven restoration system which takes advantage of the many years of experience in the field of restoration. A large collection of architectural elements leave no limitations in the design of an “architecturally correct” window or door. All elements are vinyl or wood and can be screwed or glued onto the system MD frame. These elements can be ordered to any RAL color specs. NEW is a selection of different and “correct” wood grains. This new technology, the wood grains are printed onto a foil which then is baked onto the vinyl. Please see color and grain samples at the bottom of the page.

The same window system can also be manufactured in aluminum, aluminum clad wood or wood! The aluminum line can be ordered anodized to any RAL color. Wooden windows and doors are made of Meranty (African mahogany), Framire (African light oak) or Swedish hemlock/fir. Other wood species are possible. The architectural design elements are vinyl or wood.

The above Ornamental Pieces and Ornamental Extrusions come in a variety of sizes.

The window forms below are only an indication of the many possibilities. Since all “Fauser” windows and doors are custom made, the only limit is one’s imagination. For more information, please go to: Window Configurations