Complete System MD: Windows and Doors with built-in Rolling Sutters

(1) PVC-U window system MD

(2) Heat insulated rolling shutter case

(3) Tight assembly between roller blind and window

(4) Stable outside panel

(5) Front panel detachable for repair

(6) Heat and noise insulation

(7) The material Vestolit BAU stands for top quality plastic

(8) Rolling Shutter and Window Frame are built of the same material. 

(9) Brush-seal

(10) Seal for low noise slide

Enjoy the security and privacy these
built-in rolling shutters give you.

And don’t forget the tremendous savings in heating and/or cooling cost for the years to come!

The luxury of Tilt or Turn with one handle

Tilt for superior ventilation

Turn to clean the window from the inside