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Your property needs protection. High security windows make break-ins difficult and give peace of mind! Windows are normally the weakest static construction element in a house or business and are therefore the favoured point of entry for burglars and thieves. Modern window technology counteracts these problems and dangers with individual and effective solutions. An investment in high-tech security windows is the most important step in safeguarding your family and property. Find out for yourself.


Level A Security

ideal for private homes, businesses, vacation homes and homes on golf courses.

  • All of the above described security components for the frame
  • Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 A specifications (The window has to withstand the impact of a 9 pound steel ball, dropped on the window from the height of 30 feet!)

Level B Security

ideal for homes of people with a high security risk, computer labs, energy centers, jails, police, detox centers, clinics, art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, banks and any other situation where heightened protection is needed.

  • Same frame as Level A
  • Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 B specifications (The window has to withstand at least 70 hits of a sharp and machine driven 4,5 pound axe!)

Level C Security

ideal where Bullet Resistant windows are needed

  • Din 52290 C tested for caliber from 9mm to .44 magnum.
  • Bulletproof levels C 1 through C 3 can only be ordered with steel reinforced aluminum frames.
  • All security glass can be ordered with built-in alarm wires
  • Table below indicates prices for contractors and builders.

Level A 3 Security Window (Burglar Proof) prices subject to the fluctuation of the euro vs the American dollar

U-value 0.29

Noise control value 42dB

10mm outer laminated pane – 14mm Argon filled insulation space – 4mm inner lowE coated pane

Multi-point locking mechanism

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