Burglar Proof Windows Tutorial

Burglar Proof Windows is a misnomer, there isn’t any scientific measurement of what “Burglarproof” means.

When it comes to burglar resistant windows there are two solutions.

1. Low-tech (partial solution) -you take a regular window and try to beef up the security with films and third-party hardware,


2. High-tech (complete solution) – you choose a complete security window solution which is manufactured with security glass and includes a secure multi-point hardware package built into the original design of the window.

When you want to protect your property and thieves want to steal it.

The two big questions are.

1. What’s the value of what you’re protecting?

2. How strong is the desire of the thief (burglar)?

Burglar Proof Learning

What are you protecting?

There are three levels of value your property represents to a thief.

Low Value: Something they can’t sell easily, and mostly use for themselves. Clothes, common household items, food, are a few examples.

Medium Value: Items that can be sold but with difficulty and are difficult to transport. Big screen TV’s, Computers, furniture.

High Value: Cash, jewellery, watches, mobile devices. All are easy to transport and sold for money.

Thieves are always looking for High Value items. They’ll break-in to search and discover.

There’s 5 types of break and enter thieves.

1. The Opportunist: Didn’t plan to steal anything today, but saw a chance and went for it. Low desire

2. The Habitual: Didn’t plan to steal anything today, but steals things regularly, sees a chance and goes for it. Low desire

3. The Professional: Plans to steal something everyday, always on the lookout for vulnerabilities. Medium desire

4. The Lifer: Doesn’t care that stealing is wrong and is continually scanning their environment to commit a crime. High desire.

5. The Psychotic: Desperate and deranged, driven by malevolent urges to take anything they want, never considering the consequences. Highest desire.

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Deter-ability – The ability to stop theft and make him go away.

Easy to deter

Type 1 & 2 are easily deterred. A security sign on the lawn, a camera mounted on the outside of a building, a car in the driveway, can scare type 1 & 2 away. Psychological deterrences can work to stop attacks, almost before they even start.


Type 3 & 4 are harder to deter, they have clear objectives and are practiced in spotting and exploiting weak points in home security. “Planning and execution” is the name of the game. They’re “career criminals” and know how to defeat weak “Burglar Proof” strategies.


Type 5 are the most dangerous. Typically a Type 3 or 4 thief is forced into level 5 by dire circumstances. Drug addiction, money debts, pressure from poverty, the list is long and ugly. They are less calculated than 3’s and 4’s but makeup for it with violence.

Burglar Proof Windows

What kind of Burglar and what type of property are you trying to protect? is the question to ask yourself when considering Burglar-Proof windows.

To protect your low value items from thieves who are only partially motivated, then simple deterrence tactics have been proven to work.

It looks like this:

Break-in #1

A thief happens to see you drive away from your home so they go up to your home for a peek in. Upon approaching, they see a security sticker on the window. At this point they turn around and leave.

Break-in #2

You are at a friends wedding and you’re wearing your finest. One of the caterers (who is also a career thief) spots you as a mark. The thief gathers your personal information from the wedding registry and starts to case your house. they plan to enter a window on the side which is hidden from the neighbour’s view. They bring a hammer and tools to make sure the job is done fast. They cover their face to avoid the camera.

What it means

Break in #1 – The opportunistic burglar may be deterred by the sticker.

Break in #2 – The professional burglar wasn’t deterred by stickers or cameras they just wore a mask. They easily Broke you window with a tool and entered your home to steal your valuables.

Stopping a motivated burglar calls for burglar-proof windows which are difficult to penetrate.

There are two places a burglar will try to break into a window.

1. Through the glass

Security Window Frame and Sash2. between the window frame and the sash

Security Burglar proof windows which have film on the glass can still be easily penetrated by burglars who are motivated. All they need to do is remove the sash which doesn’t have full-perimeter multipoint security hardware.

In the same way that a burglar will try a window if the door is locked. The same burglar will try to get the sash out of the frame if the window has film on it.

Burglar proof window screens represent the same thing. If the screen is too tough then they’ll simply take the door out, if they are motivated enough.


When you are researching burglar-proof windows you should start with understanding, how valuable is what you are protecting and how motivated do you think a burglar will be.

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