The Deadly Truth about Burglar Bars

Homeland Security – Special Report – Security (Burglar) Bars

Burglar Bars, Security Bars Report

Quote from report.

 Most fatalities/injuries involving burglar-bars occur in residences, when people become entrapped by the very bars that are supposed to protect them. Children, the elderly, the mobility impaired, and firefighters are especially vulnerable.

They continue to constitute a deadly problem across the nation, presenting a variety of challenges to building officials, public fire education initiatives, and tactical response. So long as unsafe burglar bars are found on structures, they present a danger to firefighters and occupants alike.

Window Bars are an excellent example of strong materials and STUPID DESIGN. Stupid because people die every year because of their use. People install the bars for obvious reasons, but what they don’t think about is that while they keep intruders out, they also lock people in, which is very unfortunate in the case of fire.

“There are a lot more burglaries than fires, so when people think about keeping burglars out they are not thinking about getting trapped in during a fire.”

Burglar Proof Learning

Burglaries are a traumatic events which cause intense reactions in people. One of the first things a homeowner does in the aftermath of  a burglary is a review of all the security issues to do with their house. They realize windows are a favourite of burglars and they want to beef up the protection of them. So they go down to Lowes or the Home Depot and pickup window bars, not ever thinking about the hazard they represent in the case of a fire.

Cheap diy window security bars by law must have “how to install bars on windows instructions” which makes you ask the question. How well is a do-it-yourself solution going to perform in a fire? Is that a risk you want to take?

Burglar Bars Security Bars Quick Release Mechanism

Regulations were passed In 2006 enforcing ‘quick release mechanisms’ for window-bars. As a result “fire safe window bars” hit the market which involved drilling holes completely through the walls of the house. To function properly, beside every window a quick release handle or kick plate must be installed, they’re ugly, and only useful if you know how to use them, or can even find them in a room filled with smoke.

A popular manufacturer is Grisham window bars who offer variety of products including decorative window security bars. If you are unable to afford proper security windows and doors then Grisham is a good low cost option, and some consider them best window security bars. But Buyer Beware.

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Here are some considerations for best window security bars buying and installing.

1. Quick release offers better escape possibilities than fixed-bars or they should be removable security window bars

2. Have them installed by a qualified trades person.

3. Test the quick release after installation and on a regular basis.

4. Train all people in the house how to use the quick-release including guests.

5. Let your local fire department know you have window bars, it may come in handy for them.

Normally used on the outside of a structure, there are window security bars for interior applications as well. These are window bars that open from inside. They should have quick release mechanisms as well.

Meaningful alternatives to bars on windows are true security windows which have burglar proof or bullet proof glazing built right into the window itself. Connect with us here at SwissShade & Security to discuss your security options for windows and doors.

CONCLUSION from the Homeland Security review of window bars.

Burglar bars continue to constitute a deadly problem across the nation… So long as unsafe burglar bars are found on structures, they present a danger.

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