Protecting People & Property for 25 YEARS.

Your peaceful enjoyment of life is our singular focus.

We protect what matters with robust and elegant solutions.

Our work is science and art fused together into practical form for your peace of mind.

Swiss Shade + Security

SwissShade offers window and door SOLUTIONS: from new construction, renovation to historical restoration. Between SwissShade technicians and our German craftsmen we can build most any window and door system to your exact specification. We can address security levels from burglarproof to bullet and explosion resistant. We offer fenestration solutions in Wood, Aluminum, Aluminum Clad Wood, UPVC or Bronze Clad Wood. Custom design solutions that cater to any architects or homeowners vision.

SwissShade + Security, Inc. is a privately held company. We have an exclusive distributorship agreements with the leading designers and manufacturers of Armored Security Windows and Doors in Germany.

Fauser Windows is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of affordable, premium-quality windows and doors. For more than 50 years, FAUSER has focused on one thing; customer satisfaction. We offer a complete line of windows and doors including patio doors, entry doors, security windows and doors and windows for the historical restoration trade. The security windows and doors can be ordered from a Burglar Proof level to a Bullet Resistant level. A unique detail is the possibility of ordering these windows with Built-in Rolling Shutters and built-in Fly Screens.

Swiss Shade + Security Brochure

What is it like working with SwissShade + Security?

We are a collection of engineering and construction professionals who are committed to offering world class customer service as an integral part of the the incredible security windows and doors we design, manufacture and install.

We work in a consultative manner to mutually establish if our products match with your project. If we don’t think there is a genuine and meaningful fit between your needs (which sometimes need to be discovered), and our products, then we will simply tell you so.

From our many years in the window and door industry we’ll be able to point you in the right direction if we’re not a fit for each other.

We believe the the ‘hard sell’ and the ‘fast close’ is a recipe for trouble, particularly when dealing with personal, family and property security.

It’s never too early or too late to invite us to take a look at your project, although earlier is always better. 😉

It is not uncommon for SwissShade to get invited into a project somewhere near the middle of the development of the architectural plans. This offers an opportunity to consult early regarding sizes and for us to present considerations before the architectural plans are completed.

In other cases, we establish a relationship with our clients much earlier, where we are a source of meaningful information, guidance and advice, sometimes years before an architect is ever retained.

Whether we connect with you earlier or later, we have the experience to be able to focus immediately on the most salient aspects of your project in the moment.

Building a home, having a major renovation done, or simply replacing a bunch of windows always turns out to have more details than most homeowners expect. As you go through your selection processes for so many different materials and finishings, you’ll be dealing with a lot of professionals (and some not so professionals) who will be wanting to put themselves first.

That’s not us.

Here’s why.

It’s not uncommon with today’s sophisticated construction materials to get ‘information overload’. For example, What type of roofing underlayment should you use with the particular type of roof finishing system you have chosen? or What type of insulation is best used with the style of walls you are constructing?

Each of these questions, and dozens more like them start to test the patience of even the brightest of us. Making informed decisions when you haven’t had the time to get truly informed is extremely stressful. It’s not uncommon to have to deal with over 20 different sales people just to renovate the main floor of your house.

We value the fact that when we deal with you, as you go through your construction journey from amazing ideas to real life walls and rooms, you are most likely dealing with a large number of factors and decisions you don’t have a lot of experience making. We get it.

Over 25 years we’ve honed our in-house practices to be **at your service in the most timely and efficient way possible**.

Some of our clients hire excellent General Contractors and fantastic interior designers to make most of the decisions on their behalf, and if that is the way you roll then you can know that the SwissShade philosophy embraces everyone we deal with. So if you invite us to be a member of your team you can know that we’ll bring to team our promise of efficiency and timeliness.

That being said, SwissShade + Security products and services are directly related to elements of your construction project which may at some point be the difference between life and death (we hope not). Our products and services also represent a final line of physical defence between you, your family, your property and an intruder. We take this matter very seriously.

So seriously in fact, that as a policy we must have direct communication with the principal stakeholder(s) of any project. There simply are nuances to do with personal security which can not be successfully channelled through a third party. There’s too much at stake.

Here’s what we do that’s different.

When you engage with SwissShade + Security we set up a private webpage specifically for your project, its called “Your Project Page”. This is an online service that’s always available. We’ll use it to communicate with each other, as a place to gather ideas, also to collect interesting and meaningful design concepts. It’s an online place to collaborate between different members of your design, architectural and construction team.

It’s a centralized location documentation too, for example Quotations and Updated Quotations as well as your current architectural drawings which have been specifically marked-up by our technicians to aid in speedy communications and to eradicate any confusion regarding openings.

For every project we supply exceptional quality 3D drawings detailing important window and door elements and poining up critical installation concepts. We’ve found that visual 3D renderings allow professionals and laypeople to be able to communicate at a very deep level.

There’s also a Checklist of 15-20 different points which must be clearly understood if a project is to proceed successfully, thinks like colour selection, interior options, hardware choices and the like.

Your project page also has specific links to valuable information so when you finally find an hour to start to make some decisions you don’t have to get lost in 100’s of different emails trying to string together your ideas.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your project, and if it’s meant to be…working with you!