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Security Windows and Doors
25 Years of Excellence

Crafted in Germany to the highest European Standards.

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The most trusted name in operable security windows and doors

SwissShade + Security specializes in High Security Windows and Doors. The team of professionals at SwissShade recognizes your need to protect your family and property. There are 3 levels of security to choose from. Our security windows and doors are custom made to your exact specifications.

All products are crafted in Germany according to the highest quality standards for materials and construction. SwissShade has 25 years of experience designing and installing windows manufactured by Fauser one of Germany’s leading security window and door manufacturers.

Burglar Resistant Windows and Doors are the last physical barrier between an intruder and your family and property. Designed to make it almost impossible to penetrate “Burglar Proof” windows frustrate penetration attacks with a variety of features. Burglar resistant windows and doors have redundant hardware mechanisms around their perimeter, this means that the door panel or sash (operating part of a window) are secured in multipoint locations with hardened components. This make is practically impossible to separate the operating part of the window or door from the frame.

Additional to multipoint anti-penetration hardware the glazing unit of the burglarproof windows and doors is a very important composition of materials designed to further thwart unwanted entry. Composed of a stack of glass and interlayers laminated together the laminated glass unit frustrates the penetration attacks of burglars and intruders. 

As you research the different security levels available in windows and doors please note that many glass ‘films’ advertise themselves to be Burglar-Proof or Burglar-Resistant. While it is true that these after market films can be added to glass surfaces to make penetration more difficult, these ‘films’ can not and should not be compared with true laminated glass units. 

At SwissShade we have been helping business and families make good decisions in their journey of selecting the best security windows and doors to protect their family and property. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in this very important decision making process.

I look forward to talking with you.

Bernie Doyle



Your personal requirements agumented with our solutions leading to custom designs.


Over 50 years of best in class european window and door manufacturing in Germany .


Proper integration with your building envelope is critical for weather tightness and enhanced security.


25 Years of Excellence

SwissShade + Security maintains the highest standards of client service, manufacturing practices and installation excellence. Industry leading professionals guide you through the entire process which we have perfected over a quarter of a centrury.

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