Vertical Awnings: Affordable Shade for Windows

The affordable shade solution for windows, balconys and porches.

Residential and Commercial applications.

Vertical Window Awnings

The Vertical Awning can be ceiling or wall mounted, inside the window box or surface mounted.


  • Operation with electric Motor or with Hand Crank
  • Hardware color: gray, brown and white
  • The weight of the Drop Bar tensions the fabric
  • Protective awning box can be added
  • Choose one of the following guide rails: Aluminum Track, Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Rod
  • Maximum Width: 16'5"
  • Maximum Height: 9'5"
  • Minimum Width and Height: 1'4"

Price Includes: Complete Awning with your selection of fabric pattern and color, ready to install. The awning will be shipped directly to your place of construction. All hardware is powder coated: gray, brown or white. For optional powder coating to your color specification ad 12% to the price of the awning.

Options: Motorized operation with or without Light Sensor, Wind Sensor, Time and Remote Control.

Fabric: "Spectrum Special", 100% spundyed Acrylic Fiber.150 Colors. 150 different colors and patterns.

Warranty: 2 year unlimited warranty on the material and installation and 5 years on hidden material defects. Our hardware reflects the latest technically advanced version on the market. Damage done by forces of nature such as heavy wind, hail, lightning, heavy rains and other natural perils are not covered!

Our custom made Retractable Awnings are the answer to your individual Sun&Shade needs. The sophisticated technology and unobtrusive aesthetics make it a valuable addition to your residential property as well as to your commercial property.

Self installation of our awnings can be undertaken by anyone who is capable of using a drill and following our precise instructions.


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