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INOUTIC, steel reinforced UPVC windows and doors

STELZER Aluminum windows and doors

Fauser Fensterbau Germany

Large frameless glazing options

Natural stone doors How to make your windows & doors burglarproof:

Educational information

The following links will provide a background for the advantages of investing in energy efficient, security windows.

Energy savings

Savings calculator for different USA locations Replacing single pane units with our product, U Value 0.21

Protecting your property from Tornados and Hurricanes

Hurricane and Tornado protection with security windows

What You Need To Know About Impact Resistant Windows Before Buying

Your Online Link to Switzerland

The following links will give you an insight into the country of Switzerland, its economy, history, culture and humor.

Prepare to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey!

This page is dedicated to give you an insight into the country of Switzerland, it's economy, history, culture and even humor.

Please make use of the links below. They will take you on a fantastic journey through Switzerland!

My Switzerland Tourism

Information about Switzerland: Learn about  Switzerland! 

Swiss Embassy in Washington DC: Swiss connection to the embassy with valuable links to ch-sites

Swiss Tourism: Valuable information on tourism in Switzerland

Guide to Swiss Railways: Explore the state-of-the-art Swiss railway system.

Swissair: Check timetables, and more!

Bern Natural History Museum: Visit the famous Bern Museum of Natural History

Directory of Swiss Banks: View a complete listing of Switzerland's Banks 

Swiss Telephone & Telegraph: Visit Switzerland's communication company 

Swiss Connection Home Page: Shop online for Swiss chocolate and other sweet stuff Just about everything corporate,  including chocolates

Gerber Kaese AG - Thun: Everything you ever wanted to know about Swiss Cheese

Swiss Revue: Swiss newspaper for Swiss Abroad Swiss Film Industry Federal Office for Culture


Die Kantone (The Cantons ie. States): Investigate each cantons own jewels! Each home page contains it's own treasure chest of knowledge!

Swiss Career Advisory Services: - Career information, apprenticeship vacancies in Switzerland - Addresses of career advisory centres  - Further education opportunities - Adult education



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