Retractable Awnings: Shade On Demand!

Instant Dry & Shady Comfort with Awnings from SwissShade. Manual or fully automatic

Lateral Arm Awnings                                                  Retractable Awnings
Connected Awnings

Awning Widths: From 5 feet wide up to 60 feet wide

Awning Projections: 4 feet to 12 feet

Awning Inclination: From 0 degrees to 45 degrees

All Hardware: Stainless Steel and electrostatic powder coated Aluminum. Optional Aluminum Hood.

Manual Operation: Hand Crank on either side of Awning.

Motorized Operation: "Somfy" Motor with optional and built-in Override. Also optional with fully automatic Sun- and Wind Control.

Fabric: Sattler" and "Sauleda" fabric, 100% spundyed Acrylic Fiber.150 Colors. Regular 18" Valance. Optional Drop Valance up to 4 Feet.

Warranty: 5 years of unlimited warranty on fabric as well as on hardware. Our hardware reflects the latest technically advanced version on the market.

All of our retractable awnings come with unique brackets allow you to change the inclination (angle of awning) quickly by turning a turn buckle. The following table compares pitch and projection:

Our custom made Retractable Awnings are the answer to your individual Sun&Shade needs. The sophisticated technology and unobtrusive aesthetics make it a valuable addition to your residential property as well as to your commercial property.

Self installation of our awnings can be undertaken by anyone who is capable of using a drill and following our precise instructions.


lateral arm awning

High quality, easy to install and best of all: ECONOMICAL!

The self supporting construction of our awning is designed to guaranty an efficient installation. It is also the most affordable solution to your shading needs.

These awnings can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted or roof mounted. Two ore more brackets are bolted into the wall or ceiling and the awning is ready to be slipped into the brackets and deployed!

Our Prices include: Complete Awning with your selection of water repellent Sattler or Sauleda fabrics, ready to install and delivered by FedEx ground to your place of construction. All hardware (Hand Crank, Brackets, Drop Bar e.g. are powder coated white, bronze or beige: For optional powder coating to your color specification add 12% to the price of the awning or minimum $ 350.00. 5 years of unlimited warranty on fabric as well as on hardware. Prices for motor and sensor unit are net.


  • Motor with switch from $ 595.00 net. These are "Somfy" motors. Awnings over 26' of length should only be operated with motor and mechanical override.
  • Fully automatic Wind and Sun Sensor ($ 721.00 net) to protect your investment. This sensors automatically retract the awning as soon as the wind velocity reaches a preset level and deploy the awning as soon as the sun reaches a preset intensity. Highly advisable for larger motorized awnings.
  • Protective Roof: Aluminum, same color as hardware: $ 225.00 per foot.


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