Awnings: Measuring & Ordering Instructions

In order to keep the ordering simple and free of errors, please follow the guide lines step by step and fill the information into the appropriate boxes as you go along.

  1. Measure the width of the wall where you like to place the awning. Keep in mind that the width of the fabric is 6" less then the total width of the awning (mechanics). Width of awning minus 1'6" gives you the maximum projection for your configuration.
  2. When measuring the height of the awning location, keep in mind that you should have a minimum height of 6 feet at the lower part of the awning while fully extended. When considering Projection and Height of Installation, keep in mind that in order to use the awning in light rain you must have a slope of at least 15 degrees. Minimum distance between mounting brackets and windows should be 8". On ceiling mounts measure at least 8" from the outside edge of the building to the first edge of the bracket.
  3. Choose from these 3 mounting brackets: a) Bracket for mounting on timber framed walls or brick walls b) Bracket for ceiling mount c) Bracket for mounting to the side of rafters.
  4. Choose between manual or motorized operation and on which side (looking at the awning from the outside) the motor switch or the crank handle should be.
  5. Distance between floor and mounted awning minus 40" equals the length of the crank handle.
  6. Choose between white, bronze and beige as the hardware color. Additional colors available for an additional 12% or minimum $ 100.00 per order.
  7. Choose a color and pattern combination for the awning fabric. It should fit your house as well as your surroundings.
  8. Our retractable awnings are easily self installed. We provide you with all the necessary hardware specific to your installation and a step by step installation manual, explaining in detail how to get the awning out of the box and mounted to your satisfaction. If you should encounter unforeseen problems, call us or e-mail us a drawing of the situation and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


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