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The latest addition to our security solutions are high-end Security Windows based upon the new MD window system. These windows are custom made in Germany to the exact level of security desired. (From burglar proof windows all the way to bullet resistant). The same window system can be designed for historical restoration. Plug-in architectural elements can match any existing building style.

Other new products are the KlimaFlex Folding Doors and the Bronze Clad Windows and Doors. Built to the highest quality standards, the folding walls can be built to match any building situation. Infolding or outfolding, top hung or bottom run and a wide selection of panels arrangenements are just some of the many options available.

The bronze clad windows and doors are designed to please even the most discriminating client. Timeless appearance combined with superior protection from the elements.

Also recently added to our line of products are the unique and beautiful stone doors. A must see naturally beautiful building concept.

New to our suncreen products is the all in one screen SecureZip. Designed to keep out sun, wind, and insects.

We also started to promote bullet resistant panels from the WACO Composites I, Ltd. in Texas. These bullet resistant panels can be installed like regular 4' x 8' sheating and are tested & certified from UL security level 1 through 8.

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