Installation Instructions

This link shows a basic wall installation for retractable awnings. Ceiling and rafter installation are done in the same order and using the same technique. By awnings over 15 feet wide and by brick walls you will have to add one or more additional brackets (supplied with awning). The additional brackets are spaced equally. DO NOT CUT the safety straps (which hold the arms together for transportation) until the awning is mounted, secured and ready to be deployed. The arms are under a lot of tension!

Soffit Bracket Wall Bracket
Soffit Installation Wall installation with aluminum hood
Click here for Complete Installation instructions  


Scope of Delivery

1- Awning (arms, roller-tube, fabric, installation bar) - 2 - Valence - 3 - Somfy Motor - 4 - 6' / 1.8m pigtail - 5 - Wall Mounting Brackets

- 6 - Optional Aluminum Hood - 7 - Hood Mounting Bracket - 8 - Soffit Mounting Bracket - 9 - RTS remote - 10 - Side Covers


Motor wiring and limit switch setting


• SOMFY strongly recommends using a Tester Cable (T.C.) Cat. No. 6020086 to set the motor limits, and to ensure the system is operating correctly before the final electrical connection is made. Refer to Step 6 "Trouble Sooting Guide" for any problems encountered.
Two positions have to be set" the UP & DOWN positions, this is where the rolling shutter or awning will stop automatically.

  1. Ensure the tester cable switch is in the center "OFF" position, and connect T.C. to motor leads by matching color codes.
  2. Remove the protective cap covering the limit setting buttons on motor head, and replace when finished.
  3. Depress fully both limit switch push buttons. They will automatically lock in the down position. Operate the T.C. switch and check that the system operates correctly. Identify the UP limit switch push button(refer to figure used for step 1). Press the T.C. switch in the UP direction until the required position is reached. Set the switch to the center "OFF" position.
  4. Unlock the UP limit switch push button by depressing and releasing it.
  5. Repeat the above operation to set the lower limit. Check with the switch that the motor stops at the up & down positions just set.
  6. Always remember to affix the protective cap over the limit switch buttons.

NOTE: Tubular motors are not continuously rated. They have a built-in thermal overload device which limits their operation to approximately 5 minutes.


• All wiring must conform to NEC (National Electrical Code) and local codes.

• Do not wire two or more motors to one SPDT (single pole double throw switch-NO PARALLEL WIRING).

• Do not use light switches.

• Do not wire two or more switches to one motor, without using SOMFY's Multi-Switch Command (Cat. No. 6300427).

NOTE: SOMFY motors conform to IP44 requirements and as such must be protected against direct weather elements such as rain, sleet,..etc.
SOMFY reserves the right to void the motor warranty if the wiring recommendations are not followed.

**The motor cable should not act as a direct conduit for the water to enter the head of the motor (form drip loops).

* Reverse the Brown and Red wire if the UP and DOWN movement does not correspond to the UP and DOWN movement of the switch.



• Is the power supply switched on? - check any fuses in the system.

• Is control switch wired correctly? Refer to instructions.

• Are limit switches set properly? Review limit switch settings.

• The thermal protective device may have shut the motor off.
Wait for cool down.

• Check the wiring between the motor & the switch.

• Disconnect the switch & test the motor with a tester cable.


• Is the limit switch crown wheel being driven by the tube (has the tube profile been properly notched)?

• Is the motor drive wheel securely fastened to the tube?

NOTE: if the motor is tested outside the tube, the crown wheel has to be manually turned in order to stop the rotation of the output shaft.

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