About Fauser Windows & Recent Projects

Fauser Fensterbau GmbH is located in the South of Germany. Using materials indigenous to this region, our firm began producing wooden windows more than 40 years ago.

Progress and a process of continuous improvement are our main targets; for that reason we expanded our production range with the purchase and production of steel reinforced PVC-Security Windows and Doors in the early 80's.

Today PVC-Security Windows and Doors are the biggest part of our production. We offer many different classes of PVC-Security Windows and Doors; Burglar Proof, Bullet Resistant from UL level 1 through 5 and Blast Resistant Windows up to 2bar/8ms. We also offer a combination security glass, Burglar Proof, Bullet and Blast Resistant.

The projects below are examples of work that we've done. For a larger picture, please click on the thumbnail below.





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You can order "Fauser" Windows and Doors in the US, Mexico and Canada exclusively from: SwissShade + Security, Inc.

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