OBJECTIVE: Design a window / door combination which addresses the security requirements of a building situated in a heavily wooded area (wild fires) and far away from the protection of local law enforcement.

The built-in rolling shutters are to be remote controlled in order to create a fire barrier and protect the glazing from direct fire exposure.

Some window units are built with remote controlled motors for ventilation on comand.

All windows have steel reinforced frames, multi-point locking mechanism and laminated glazing to meet impact specifications.

All doors to be built in reinforced aluminum and with high-end security locking mechanisms.

  Before the fire     The firestarter     After the fire
After viewing the other parts of Cedar Ridge Road, I can say that no other house experienced more fire than ours, and three of those burned. The fire fighters said it probably would not have survived without the fire safety measures we built into the house. Numerous fire fighters said it was the best prepared house for fire that they had ever seen.

The things that made it fire safe were:
- Steel roof
- Aluminum shutters
- Hardi-Board siding
- Concrete and steel decks
- Vent openings in soffit and ridgeline of roof less than 1/4" no vegetation within 5 feet of the house (except two trees we hadn't removed)

There are publications from the US Forest Service that describe the importance of window coverings. Wooden siding is quite slow to catch fire even in extreme conditions. They say that a more important problem is heat entering windows and igniting interior things like drapes. Another problem with windows is that they crack from the heat. Windows larger than 2 x 2 feet are prone to collapse when they crack, allowing the full heat of the fire to enter the house. Shutters protect from these problems by keeping the heat out of the house and by preventing the window glass from breaking.

  Aluminum Windows and Doors with Built-In Rolling Shutters.     Motorized Windows in Cuppola for Automated Ventilation.
Aluminum Burglarproof Windows,
A3 Security Glazing.
High-Security European-Style Aluminum Windows,
Tilt and Turn.
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