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Why SwissShade and Fauser windows:

Fauser is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of custom made and affordable, premium-quality windows and doors. For more than 45 years, we've focused on one thing: customer satisfaction.

We are a family run operation and take pride in our capability of custom building each order. Our complete line of windows and doors can be built in either steel reinforced UPVC, aluminum, aluminum clad wood or solid wood. Our ordering system is customized to provide not only accurate and fast ordering, it also guarantees that you get the exact window or door you envisioned in the planning stage. We can respond to change orders faster and better than our competition.

We have 99% on-time delivery with the best made-to-order lead times in the industry. Depending on the time frame, orders are either shipped by air or per ocean container. Average turnaround time is 10 weeks.

We're the only window and door manufacturer that factory-tests every window and door to assure it will perform up to or surpass-the industry's highest residential and commercial standards for functionality and performance specifications. We pre-mull most combination windows at the factory under strict quality standards so they're ready for installation at the job site. All windows and doors are pre-drilled for an easy and lasting installation. Professional installation from trained window & door experts is available.

Technical Information and Specifications for:

Measuring and Installing Windows
Window and Door Configuration (Technical Information)
Security Glazing
Tilt & Turn Operation
Colors & Woodgrains

Pricing Information

Standard Windows
Security Windows
Windows with Built-In Shutters

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Developers, Planners and Builders; Call or email to request CAD Drawings.

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