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We offer solutions.

Anybody can sell awnings and sun screens. But are you getting what you really need? Are you getting the right shade product for your specific situation? And what about installation? Are you getting the support needed to install these products? SwissShade made consultation the core of any new relationship. We will work with you to find the perfect solution which will meet your specific shade needs as well as your budget. Finally, we help you through the process of installing these shade products. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and prepared to do whatever it takes to guarantee a lasting installation.

We have solutions.

SwissShade awning and screen products are custom made in the USA to your exact specifications, using the highest quality materials available. These high-tech and well designed shade system can be customized to meet most demands in modern construction. You let us know what your concerns are and our team will design a shade solution which addresses all of the issues at hand!

Below are links to the following Awnings and different Options available:

Retractable Awnings                                    Technical Information
Sun Screens                                                
Window Awnings                                         How To Order
Pergola Awnings                                          How To Install
Optional Equipment                                     150 Colors and Fabric Patterns


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