150 Unique Awning Colors and Patterns!

The fabric is an acrylic weave, impregnated with Scotchguard, assuring a maximum lifespan possible, far beyond the lifespan of canvas. Experiences range from 10 to 20 years of usable lifespan. We even offer a limited 5 year warranty (except storm damage).

We only use GORE-TEX sewing thread! This remarkable thread is manufactured 100% expaned PTFE fiber and will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. It is immune to ultraviolet degradation, the primary cause of seam failure

Be aware that the brilliance of the colors is much more vivid in reality the on any computer screen. The color tones also vary from computer to computer.

Please proceed to the "Sattler" European Fabric link below and check out the myriad of colors and patterns. Once you have made a decision, contact us and we can e-mail you a high resolution sample or send you additional samples from the Sattler line of fabrics.

For the entire selection of "Sattler" fabrics and patterns, click on: Awning Finder . In the 1st window find the color you are considering click, on the fabric sample and an awning will appear over a window. You can then change the color of your house to help narrow down your search.

If you do not find the color or pattern you are looking for we also offer "Sauleda" fabrics, follow the link for their color pallet.

If you still can not find the color or design you need we also offer "Sunbrella" fabrics at a 10% surcharge, follow the link to view their options.

Choose one of the Valance Forms below and write the Number down.

Scotchgard® protection

You have chosen an awning fabric which is treated with Scotchgard® protection and thus offers you exceptional quality.

As a result of it's protective properties the awning fabric is kept looking newer for longer. However, it still requires regular care and maintenance.

General care and maintenance

Scotchgard® protection provides high water repellency. It gives a lasting protection even after repeated use. Do not roll up an awning when wet unless this is unavoidable and then unroll as soon as possible for drying.

General instructions for taking out stains:

Grease and oil stains caused by installation may be removed by using turpentine or similar and an absorbent cloth. Clean up spills and stains right away. Spills can be removed by using a clean absorbent cloth. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dry soil or wash down with water (e.g. garden hose). Allow the fabric to dry naturally before rolling up the awning. If thorough cleaning is necessary, sponge over the awning using a mild soap solution (2% solution e.g. PERSIL). Rinse well with plenty of water to remove all soap residues.

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